NSF Award Activities

Project MANEUVER is developing an innovative multi-modal VR framework for digital manufacturing instruction. In the past year, project MANEUVER has accomplished the following:

  • In summer 2019, PNW, TTU and EDCC delivered 2-day NSF Digital Manufacturing Workshops to Community College instructors and high School teachers throughout U.S.
  • In summer 2018, PNW, TTU and EDCC delivered 2-day NSF Digital Manufacturing Workshops to Community College instructors throughout U.S.
  • Developed Digital Manufacturing (DM) Concept Inventory for Technician Training through Qualitative Survey among the PI/Co-PIs.
  • Design of a customizable curriculum framework & Learning Activity Design. Collected input from 2/4 Year colleges with regard to: curriculum, infrastructure, & intellectual support.
  • Collect input from academia, industry partners and workforce.
  • Developed 3D Virtual Reality (VR) Worlds for DM Modules & Learning Activities; Modules were developed simultaneously for both Augmented and Desktop VR Modes.
  • Developed and customized multiple modes of VR Modules for Desktop and Augmented Modes (dVR/aVR).
  • Programmed VR scenes for interaction using standard affordable I/O devices, and decoupled 3D DM instruction database from UI functionalities.
  • Simulated the functioning of three popular 3D printing devices namely UPrint™, LutzBot™, and FormLabs™ Created 3D VR simulations for subtractive digital manufacturing machinery: computer numerical control (CNC) machine.
  • EDCC: 3D models and simulation videos built during the project year:
  • Pre-Visualization Module: Additive Manufacturing Product Comparison Learning Activity Design: Provide student VR users with an opportunity to compare a designated printed part by additive manufacturing machines available from three separate processes, i.e., fused deposition, stereolithography, powder bed.
  • Pre-Activity Discussion:
  • Learning Activity and Assignment Specifications: Provide student VR user with materials and equipment needed to create the same part on three different AM machines, e.g., LutzBot™, FormLabs™, and UPrint™. Student can utilize three different types of equipment to understand that the same technology can be demonstrated in different processes and still produce a similar product. Compare and contrast the different types of materials and processes.
  • Carried out detailed studies on alternative ways to generate 3D solid model without using costly 3D scanning technology.
  • Prepared materials for the Workshop to be offered during Summer 2018 (XXXX – Bullet item from Description). During this ‘Train the Trainers’ Workshop, the participants (community college teachers) will trained on the VR modules developed and detailed feedback will be obtained from Work Groups
  • Constituted ‘Advisory Board’ for NSF Project MANEUVER.
  • Review curriculum for VR functionality: assembly, evaluation, analysis, and training