Introduction to MOOC Video Contents

MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) an online interactive course for students to learn new skills outside a typical classroom setting by having more interaction and cooperation with other students in an open digital environment. The word MOOC refers to Massive Open Online Courses and it has now a popular tool used for online learning. MOOCs provide education to a multiple of people across the planet - usually without cost. Given that all MOOCs suffer from a rapid drop-off in numbers throughout the course, educators need to consider how to maintain the interest of the participants or students. Educators needs to be involved in a MOOC, in this way they understand what works and which platforms are appealing.

MOOC video is a video tutorial that designed and created for massive open online course environment. What separates a MOOC video from a regular normal video seen on the web is how they are structured to interact with students. The classic example is to have the videos instruct on a clearly defined topic, and going through a process or explaining/condensing a particular lesson that is accompanied by a quiz to test the students’ knowledge. But MOOC videos can do much more than this method to interact with students.

MANEUVER project has created five MOOC video contents that provides a process of setting up local VR server, navigating inside 3D environemnt, interacting wit 3D objects, simulating CNC machines and different 3D printer models.