MANEUVER Virtual Reality Framework

3D Virtual worlds can be visualized using a wide range of display devices including desktop VR, CAVE, HMD, and augmented VR etc. Each of the aforementioned platforms offers unique functionalities which may or may not be available in others. For instance, CAVEs offer high end fidelity, immersion and navigation. However, CAVEs involve large spaces and cumbersome installation procedures. CAVEs also entails significance caused with respect to installation, operation and maintenance. On the other hand, dVR (desktop Virtual Reality) systems offer good functionalities for online dissemination and dynamic interaction in real-time. However, the level of immersion and navigation offered by such systems remains questionable. An ideal system would incorporate all desired characteristics in a VR platform including immersion, navigation, dissemination, fidelity and portability. The last mentioned characteristic, portability is a key area where significant and concerted efforts are needed. The advantages of a pVR (portable Virtual Reality) system are two-fold. While a VR scene built for a CAVE system can be modified for display on a dVR, this would come at the cost of compromising immersion and navigation capabilities. A meticulously designed VR scene with emphasis on immersion and navigation would lose much of the intended benefits when shown to a client on an alternative UI/platform devoid of I/N (Immersion/Navigation) capabilities. For instance, a dVR system can neither appropriately capture nor display a visualization originally designed for a CAVE system in its entirety; however, with laptops used for dVR, portability is a notable advantage while I/N are compromised. Hence in this paper we design and implement a pdVR (portable desktop Virtual Reality) system that represents an optimal trade off while offering portability. Also, this system, to a reasonable extent facilitates Immersion/Navigation/Interaction (I/N/I).

MANEUVER Framework

MANEUVER Virtual Framework: Factors, Scope, & Considerations