Interaction in VR Environment

The third topic for VR training module is virtual product assembly. Digitally manufactured parts from either additive manufacturing or subtractive manufacturing need to be assembled to become a product. Currently, the virtual assembly process was implemented using simple 3D geometric shapes to focus on the user interaction with virtual 3D parts. A user can also import digitally manufactured 3D part file to be assembled with another part. Figure. 9 shows three main functionalities of virtual product assembly process. A user can use the ‘W’, ‘A’, ‘S’, and ‘D’ keyboard key to move and navigate a 3D scene. A keyboard shortcut key ‘I’ can be used to import the mesh that represents a digitally manufactured 3D part. Keyboard shortcut key ‘E’ will be used to pick up and move a 3D part to a new location to assemble with other 3D parts.

MANEUVER Framework

Basic Interaction within the 3D World for Virtual Product Assembly